Top 81 Reviews and Complaints about PLS Payday Loan Store

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Top 81 Reviews and Complaints about PLS Payday Loan Store

Burbank, IL

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81 PLS Payday Loan Store Consumer Reviews and Complaints

I’ve been a customer for 8 years, go in every Two weeks to receive my payroll check from my job where PLS prints out your check. Today is Thursday Jan Legal, my original payday, PLS advertise 8 years ago you can receive your check 1 to Two days early, Jenni Bank and trust released my check since Wed Jan 17, had to talk to a manager, D. **, to I reached the stud over D. **, they say it’s a glitch in their system. Attempt to suggest 500 in advance but I want all instead of half. Long story brief I have to wait until Friday to receive my check I worked hard for, they make me feel like I’m annoying them, not walking in my boots. big mistake that I have continuing being a customer. I want to get my check and be done entirely with PLS. They honor not what they advertise!

Been with PLS a number of years. Dreamed to add my married name. They refused me a card even after looking at my driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, and marriage license. Ultimately got card almost a year. Lost it and had to go through almost the same nonsense again but gratefully corporate managers were in the office and assisted the customer service rep. It still took almost Two months to get a fresh card and when I was called that the card was at the PLS for pickup I explained to the youthful lady that I had just had surgery and that my hubby would be coming in and I would have him parked by the door so they can verify me sitting there. My spouse goes to pick up the card and was denied. I was sitting in the car with the brace on my back and they called me. I described what suit he had on T-shirt and tie and told them that he had my license and that he still had his Florida license.

I gave the name of the rep that I spoke to her and told her to know the my account that I have had surgery. The clerk was rude and even strung up up on me. I managed to get myself out the car and walked in there and she didn’t even want to look at me when I told them this was my spouse and I was going back to a car. It’s sad to say that they were supposedly doing this for my protection but they are going overboard. Just like my practice at Bank of America. I’m ** but they permitted Rosa ** who had stolen my payroll check to walk in and cash my check. I have a very distinct penmanship. I include my entire name including my middle initial my maintenance married name. She only put my very first initial and married name. She didn’t have any ID from me as everything was in my purse. Sadly she has a warrant out for her arrest over $324 and considered a felony. Sad is best to keep our money in a shoebox.

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I went to PLS store near me to cash a check and the representative told me that if I purchase a prepaid card, the fees would be lower when cashing my check. I determined to go ahead and get a prepaid card in which was my very first time and I loaded $300 on the card. I did not use the card at the time however, several weeks later, PLS contacted me to let me know that my card was ready for pick up with my name on it. I picked up my card on Friday Ten/13/17 but did not activate it until Saturday Ten/14/17 late that evening. I use the card only twice but at 12:30 am Sunday Ten/15, a withdrawal was made from my card.

I called the card company to file a dispute but also contacted the police to file a theft report. My dispute was denied stating that I authorize the transaction. I have been calling Xpectations customer service attempting to get this resolved and no one is helping. I am very upset because I should never have to fight for my own money but it is indeed strange that my money vanish from card, not to mention the card was never lost and it was in my wallet but somehow someone was able to obtain my individual information and withdraw money from my card at an atm. As of today, I am still fighting to get my money back. When you contact the Xpectations customer service line, it’s like you are getting the runaround and no one is helping.

I’ve been going to this store about Trio yrs. Greta, Ogie, Joselin, Raeda. These worker are the best. Every time I go they always put up with me even if I am complaining. But l love them. Their attitude always the same kind and friendly. The Manager there are the bomb. She respectful and kind. Ogie is my female. I always taunt her about her name. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Love y’all.

From day one I knew there was a problem. The customer service representative at the Freeport, Fresh York store seem to be a little frazzled. I get direct deposit and what do they do? Steal the funds!! I was using the prepaid Visa card to make purchases online as well and when I returned an item to they said they release the funds to BANCORP. the company or bank that treats PLS funds. That was 2016 and I still haven’t gotten a resolution. Then I go to the same location a few months later because the magnetic undress on my card was no longer working. She gave me another card right then and there and I activated it right away and lo and behold $500 and switch goes missing on my account 20 minutes later. I didn’t have the card then and I was told it was done online with a Target store and $Ten of it making an inquiry about a hotel in Aruba!

PLS the customer service rep at the Freeport location had to be the one to do it because she should have cut the card up in front of me etc. They told me they were going to get on it and all would be well. Okay well it’s 2018 and I have received nothing! Now here it is July 2018 and for the last two years or so I was telling to myself there is no way I am spending that kind of money but it’s a banking institution. I was trusting PLS.

Well today I found out they steal over $1,800 and that was through direct deposit it and they have been doing this for Two years since I was issued the fresh card. Then They tell me that there is no supervisor available for the latest incident and that they would have a supervisor call me back!! It’s evident SOMETHING IS FISHY OR DOESN’T SMELL RIGHT OR CAN’T PASS THE SMELL TEST!! Without divulging everything I know they have been stealing funds because I’m looking at the website and right before my eyes information is being switched in REAL TIME!!

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Kind of Tricky or Lack of training – Yesterday I bought a pre-paid card because the person who suggested it was very nice and I thought it could be good idea for online purchases. The person told me that they had two plans paid as you go or you paid $6.95 a month, but if you use ten times a month they won’t charge it or put the money back in your card. Very first they charged me $8.00 for the card, I put $20.00 on the card. But today I called to set my password and I found that I only have $13.05. I called the company and asked the reason and very first they had my date of birth wrong, when I provided my driver’s license with the right date of birth. 2nd the customer service person told me that they charge $6.95 a month no matter how many times you use your card, and that they only had the plan pay as you go, which is $1.00 per transaction.

More than that I have to send a copy of my driver’s license by fax, mail or whatever to amend the error with my date of birth. I think this is a very good way for them to make a lot of money providing the wrong information. I am going to cancel it. It was a waste of time and money. I better use PayPal or any other safe service to make my purchases online.

I went to the PLS on 7th Av. in Manhattan after work around 1:28 AM. I had my check from my job and asked the cashier to please put $1200 onto my PLS Card. I had switched my number earlier on Friday and was not able to get the usual text messages when I do a transaction. The cashier said she put the $1200 onto my card. She gave me back the switch I was expecting and when I looked up my account the next morning, she had only put $1100 onto my account and now I have $100 gone from my account and no one is helping me recover this money. I have called the district manager and he has not yet helped me recover the $100 that was not put onto my account. I don’t feel I should deal with PLS anymore because of this.

My card was stolen today. I called to report it and the youthful lady stated that she could put in a request to have my funds transferred to a fresh card in 24 to 48 hours. But I need to go into PLS and get a fresh card. I told her, “Okay but I need gas. Is there anyway I can get my funds ASAP.” She stated yes once I got the card to call back in, talk directly to a Manager and the manger could put the money on there instantaneously. But I had to call before Five pm.

I got the card and I called in and got Customer service and was told by a man that the lady that told me that lied. They don’t do that. Everyone has to wait their turn and he would put my name on the list. I then said, “But she told me to call and speak to a manager.” He put me on a Two mins hold then came back and told me no managers were available. That he put in the request and then repeated that under no conditions do they ever budge anybody to the head of the line. So, that pissed me off because if I need to pay for my mom’s medicine and my kids’ medicine they would have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get the meds they need to get through. PLS wouldn’t give a damn. Because according to their policy no one gets special consideration. Everyone must wait their turn.

I draped up and called back in through the stolen card department and got Teresa and she apologized for the very first lady lounging to me. She got her supervisor to see if since I was lied to if the Manager would make an exception. The Manager state that she apologized for the rep telling me, that she will make note of her mistake and give it to her supervisor so she could give the rep more coaching so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. But I would have to wait. So, they are in good standings. I help them point out a problem and they did nothing to make my situation right. That tells me this company could give a damn about its customers. That’s truly sad because I have had this card a long time. They never gave me an order number.

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