Weekend Payday Loan from Direct Lenders Now

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Weekend Payday Loan from Direct Lenders Now

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Weekend Payday Loans with Nation21

The weekend is here but you have run out of groceries, yet your pay day is still five days to go. Alternatively, you have a weekend party to attend and you have nothing to wear. Emergency situations occur all the time since that is the nature of the world we live in, the question on your mind at this point is “can I get a weekend payday loan”?

The response is a resounding yes you and can right here at Nation 21. However, this will mean that you pick your cash from an in-store near you, bearing in mind that most lenders are closed on Sundays, it is almost unlikely to secure a loan on the weekend. Alternatively, you can apply online and cash will be made available to you on the next business day. With that being said, here are various options available for you.

Other options available for Weekend Loans Direct Lenders

Some online short-term lenders will accept and approve disbursement from an in-store pickup, therefore, check if this option is available from the lender that approves your weekend payday loan.

If you hold a pre-paid debit card, you are in good arms because some lenders opt to flow the advanced loan on your debit card. That way, you lightly access your money within the shortest time possible. This option is swifter than a bank transfer, bearing in mind that Automated Clearing House (ACH) operates only on the business days.

Some lenders operate outside of the storefronts from where they accept, approve and disburse the loans. These lenders are the most convenient over the weekend.

How they work

Depending on whether you apply online or in-store, the application takes as little as 15 min while the turn-around time is within a few hours. In-store applications are much quicker with approvals almost instant.

Getting your cash

After lodging on the right lender with your preferred terms, you are required to go through a loan agreement form and append an electronic signature before submitting the same. Funds are disbursed in form of cash, checks or through a debit card.

Repaying the weekend loan

Most lenders choose that you pack out your account details when applying for the loan, this is because directly debiting your account on the due date with the loan amount as well as the accompanying fees is most convenient. However, this loan is payable in utter on the next payday.

How to qualify

  • You must be Legitimate years.
  • You must legally be living and work in the U.S
  • You must be working for one employer for at least 90 days.
  • You must have a current account.

Features of a weekend payday loan

  • Numerous loan options especially when you use a matching service like Nation 21.
  • Quick processing and turnaround time
  • High fees, all payday loans are associated with hefty fees and high APR, therefore, is wise to find out the exact fees payable on your loan before appending a signature for approval.


Accessibility- loans are accessible anywhere as long as you have access to the internet day or night.

Spending –There is no limitation on how to spend the advanced cash as long as it’s a legal activity.

Bad credit –Bad credit score is no hindrance because most lenders are more worried with your capability to repay cash borrowed.


Brief loan term –The loans are an only brief term and come up for repayment on the next payday. For this reason, they suggest very temporally solutions to the financial problems you may be facing

High APR- APR is usually on the higher side, but depending on the lender and the state you reside in, this may vary from state to state.

Predatory lenders- All lenders must be licensed, and the said license displayed on the pages of their website. Therefore confirm that the lender you use has the right reputation, and the licenses displayed, are up to date.

Automated electronic transfers-Most lenders use ACH, which require at least one business day to effect money transfers, additionally, ACH does not operate on weekends or on holidays.

In conclusion, it is very significant to repay your loan on time so as to avoid penalties and to build better business relations with your lender. Contacting your lender when you are incapable to meet your obligations is recommended.

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*Disclaimer By using this website, you agree that it’s not an suggest or proposal for a loan. Nation 21 is the foot operator of this website and it is in no way a direct lender. Instead, we are a free service provider matching potential borrowers with suitable lenders. Upon the obedience of a loan application, the applicants’ details are conveyed to a direct lender. Consequently, the lender will serve the customer with an agreement that discloses the APR, related fees, and terms and conditions based on the information submitted.

All the information exchanged inbetween the lender and a borrower is not bidding to Nation21loans.com. Therefore, we are not in any position to ensure users any loans. Visitors must regard everything displayed on this website as they would a commercial advert. Potential lenders displayed on this website may include both state licensed loan providers as well as tribal lenders. Users on this website should note that loans are not always available for all states or jurisdictions. Albeit bad credit scores are acceptable, it’s within the discretion of a lender to conduct credit checks to facilitate the lending decision.

Nation21Loans.com is neither a representative nor an agent for any lender and therefore does not make any endorsements for products or services. You are required to practice caution when seeking short-term, installment and bad credit loans.

*A majority of our lenders don’t rely on traditional credit checks. Nevertheless, they may submit queries with consumer databases like TeleTrack, CL Verify or DataX for identity verification and private loan history. Credit checks may be performed in some cases from alternative providers which would not harm your credit history at all.

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