Switch sides Mortgage Loan to Value – How Is It Calculated?

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The response varies for each individual and individual situation but starts with the age of the borrower more specifically the youngest borrower and the “lesser” of the FHA switch roles mortgage loan limit ($625,500 in most areas) or the appraised … Continued

Loan Modification Fails to Address Leading Causes of Foreclosure

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The Boston Federal Reserve Bank has examined a duo of the leading causes of foreclosures across the country, and neither of these causes are the often-cited “unaffordable mortgage payments” due to adjustable rate loans. The two main causes of the … Continued

Cash-Out Refinance Loans Are Truly Such a Good Deal?

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There are many variables to analyze in order to determine whether refinancing your home loan is to your advantage or not. The fresh loan terms are not the only things you need to consider. The previous loan’s terms will also … Continued

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